G. Wallis Mills - The Rearguard Of The Marching Gypsies - Illustrations

"...a small party on strong horses, armed with rusty matchlocks or sabres, would bring up the rear, threatening the distant foe, and now and then saluting them with a hoarse blast from the Gypsy horn."
An illustration from "The Zincali, An Account Of The Gypsies Of Spain" written by George Borrow,1841, illustrated by G. Wallis Mills, in an edition published by John Murray, London in 1907. George Borrow, (1803-1881), was most famous for his book, "The Bible in Spain", 1843, telling his adventures as a travelling agent for the protestant Bible Society but he had a long love affair with the roma culture, the study of which was re-kindled by his work. Amongst the thirty languages he is said to have mastered was the roma language in its many variations.

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