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La Argentina, Antonia Mercé y Luque, was Spanish but born in Argentina, (September 4, 1890, Buenos Aires – July 18, 1936, Bayonne, France), whilst her parents, eminent dancers, were on tour. From a young age she championed Spanish, and particularly gipsy, dance. In the teens of the 20th century she toured all over America with her own company. After some years of ill fortune, she was heralded as the supreme star of the Spanish dance. She was called “The Flamenco Pavlova” - “The Queen of the Castanets”. On 18 July 1936, she performed in San Sebastián, returned to her home in France and died on hearing about the military insurrecion She was, perhaps, the first victim of the civil war. An advertising postcard for 'conciertos de danzas' by Argentina in the Cervantes Theatre. The photograph is credited to D'Ora.

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