Se Jugaron Unos Barquillos - The Photographer A. Cánovas

Gambling for sugar wafers on the beach. They could be bought for a fixed price but you could gamble for more or less by the spin of a wheel. Such devices were to be seen at fairs until the 1970's. A card by the famous photographer Cánovas and distributed by the equally famous editors Hauser y Menet of Madrid in 1902. It was sent from Argentina to Santiago de Chile. The famous, and hugely successful, photographer Antonio Cánovas de Castillo (1874-1933) was also known professionally as Káulak. Nephew of the politician of the same name who was President six times (1828-1997), he was a society photographer with studios at La Calle Alcalá, 4 in Madrid, but he also produced a great number of postcards, some of which are very theatrical and others have great poetic quality. He founded the magazine “La Fotografía” and collaborated in the production of other publications, including “Blanco y Negro”. Though he died in 1933, the studios remained open until 1989.

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